Bami Adelayo, Managing Attorney

Bami Adelayo, Managing Attorney

Bami came to the US in 1997 and moved to Arizona in 2010. During and after law school in St. Louis Missouri, he worked at the Missouri Attorney General’s office doing Workman’s Compensation. This led to an interest in personal injury law, which he took up in New Jersey and continued when he moved to Chicago and Phoenix.

Bami believes that every injury is personal. There is no such thing as a small collision when someone is injured. To that end, he provides concierge level service to each of his clients. When you schedule an initial intake appointment to go over the specific details of your claim, you will be meeting with Bami personally – not his paralegal, not his office manager.

The personal injury team at Adelayo Law consists of Bami Adelayo and one paralegal, Beth Rees. You will meet with Bami Adelayo personally for the initial interview; and then you can expect to hear from Beth as your claim moves through the demand process.

Bami’s staff is highly experienced in collecting and presenting your injury case to make the demand both compelling and easily understood to the adverse adjuster. Beth has over twelve years experience in plaintiff’s personal injury. The firm’s job is to obtain the best settlement possible for you, and we take pride in our work.

My passion is making my clients happy. I want to see them succeed. Seeing a good result for a client makes me happy. It makes doing all the work worth it to see a client finally reach closure and heal financially and emotionally from the damages done by the adverse driver. I want to always go the extra mile and do everything I can to meet or exceed their expectations. I have had cases where the client expected nothing and received a check at the end.

I believe everyone deserves justice. I receive great satisfaction from working through the puzzle to get to a good solution. I enjoy my work tremendously.

Bami’s hobby is soccer. He cheers for Liverpool, and on Saturday’s, you can find him and his children on the field at Christ’s Church of the Valley in Peoria. Yes, even in the summer.